Phoenix Christian Announces the 2024 Summer Reading Program


Arizona Leadership Foundation Scholarships Change Lives: Hannah De La Cruz Speaks Out


Your chance to sponsor a student and earn a dollar-for-dollar tax credit


Phoenix Christian Worship Team Hosts a Night of Worship


300+ Students Serve on Giving Tuesday


Phoenix Christian Preschool Achieves Remarkable Four-Star Rating from Quality First


Thank you to our STEM Sponsors and an exciting announcement!


New Varsity Football Coach Announced!


Ray Karvis and DST re enters Phoenix Christian’s athletic program!


Phoenix Christian announces new Athletic Director, Ben Stryczek


Cougar Classic Golf Tournament | Oct 29th


Robotics Team travels to Ohio


Congratulations to Brooklynne Blake


Serve Day at Feed My Starving Children


Launch into 2023-2024!


COVID-19 Policy Update


When God Uses a Boldness to Impact School Choice


When God Uses a Retreat to Impact the Youth


When the Heart, Hands and Feet of Jesus show up in an RV


When God Works in Prison to set Someone Free


Art of Conversation – Let’s Talk


When God Invites Us to Speak Up in Love


When God Listens through People Like You


When God Uses Despair to Display His Divine Restoration


When We Love God and Love Others


When Every Day is a Bonus


When God Uses a Coach to Make a Difference


Level Up Discipleship Program


When God Uses GenZ to Show Boomers the Way


When God uses Your Vote to Impact Kids’ Lives for Eternity


Senior Capstone Projects Class of 2020!


High School Commencement Ceremony 2020


8th Grade Promotion Ceremony 2020


When God’s Provision Sounds Too Good to be True (but isn’t)


When God Moves a University for His Glory


When God uses a Heart for the Vulnerable to do the Unexplainable


When God uses Addicts to Heal Addiction


When God Pursues the Fatherless through Adventure


When God uses Listeners to Speak Truth


Celebrating our Seniors 2020!


Award Winning STEM Program – COVID-19 Face Shield Design


When God uses Unexpected Setbacks to Create Unexplainable Opportunities


When God uses YOU to do the Unexplainable


When God uses a Lifetime Student to Impact Many Students over a Lifetime


When God uses the Unexpected to do the Unexplainable


When God makes Paying Taxes Feel Unexpectedly Fun and Unexplainably Rewarding


When God uses a Praying Homemaker to Shape the State


When God Calls Your Number and He Gets the Glory


When God Builds Something New


When God moves in Men to Make Disciples


When God puts the Great Commission on the Bottom Shelf


When God Works through Retirees to Change the World


When God uses the Strength of Two Men


When God uses Basketball to Change Lives


When God Uses Teen Moms to Change the World


Catching a Glimpse of God’s Kingdom on Earth as it is in Heaven


When God Redeems Addiction in the Past to Equip for the Future


When God is Sovereign to Provide Joy in the midst of Tragedy and Loss


When God Uses State Tax Credits to Change Lives


When God works through ALL kinds of Education for His Glory


When God uses Old Schools to do New Things


When God uses Education with a Biblical Worldview to spread the Gospel to families both near and far!


When God uses an unplanned move to start a perfectly planned movement.


When God Moves through His Church in Phoenix!


When God uses Worship to unify the Body of Christ


When God uses a Daughter’s Compound Fracture and the Power of Prayer to Save her Dad’s Life


When God works through Robotics to Build People


How God Invites Us to a Life on Mission


How God Moves Across the Globe


Back-to-Back STEM State Champions


When God Uses a Mechanic to Minister


CougarNow Magazine: Summer 2019


When God Works Through Teachers


Testimonial: Dennis & Roxana


How God Saved Brad Asolas’ Life


Testimonial: Enrietta & Ainsley


How God Uses Laughter to Combat Evil


Tips for Screen-Free Summer Fun


How God Shepherds His Pastors


How God Reunites Families When It Seems Impossible


How God Calls Families to Foster Care


STEM Through the Eyes of a Student


Why Phoenix Christian?


How God Breaks Down Barriers for At-Risk Youth


How God Uses Baseball to Change Lives


The Continuing Legacy of Coach Mark Band


How God Is Bigger Than Doubt


How God Brought Tina Hines Back To Life


How God Can Use Your State Taxes to Fund Christian Education


How God Saved Lucky Lawrence’s Marriage


Chapel Team Starts Ministry to Serve the Homeless


PC Preschool Brings Light & Life to Central Phoenix


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