When God Uses a Mechanic to Minister

You’re invited to tune in to a show that will lift your spirits. Join us at The Beacon, a radio show where we celebrate when God uses the unexpected to do the unexplainable, featuring intimate conversations with people just like you.

The Beacon radio show is presented by Phoenix Christan and hosted by PC Alumnus Steve Woods on Sundays at 9am on 960 The Patriot-KKNT AM.

June 30, 2019

Hosted by Steve Woods

Daryl Layne was given a death sentence in 1978. He was told that he would be lucky to live another 90 days. God had other plans for Daryl. Check out this episode of the Beacon and be encouraged by the God Who still does miracles and by a story that will surely be an encouragement to you as you listen. 

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