Students from all around the world attend Phoenix Christian for our International Student Program. With our focus on college prep and readiness, advanced curriculum, amazing host families, and inviting student body, students gain access to a wealth of opportunities.

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"Mr. Edouard is an alumnus of Phoenix Christian class of 2007. He then earned his associate in arts & general education. Mr. Edouard transferred to Northern Arizona University and obtained his bachelor’s degree in public administration. He has decided to come back to PC this time to serve as the International Director. Along with his work at PC, he mentors the youth, and is the middle school football head coach at PC. Mr. Edouard states “Phoenix Christian opened their doors to him; He was able to make quality friends and work on his faith and relationship with Jesus Christ. One of his favorite scriptures is “Whoever welcomes one of these little children in my name welcomes me, and whoever welcomes me does not welcome me but the one who sent me.” – Mark 9:37"

Jeffrey Edouard

International Director

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Our Global Perspective

In one year alone, we welcomed students from China, Japan, Thailand, Taiwan, South Korea, Vietnam, Ethiopia,
Sweden, Brazil, Spain, and France. We believe these students enrich our campus in distinct ways, teaching us about the
uniqueness of their own cultures and reminding us of how much we have in common.
It’s a beautiful display of diversity and appreciation for all nations.

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"When the war came to my home, it was clear that I needed to make my education a privilege. Phoenix Christian was that place that gave me the opportunity to continue the full and thriving life, be educated, and explore myself. "


Ukraine, Class of 2024

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"When I came to America, I was so nervous because that it was my first time leaving my parents. Once I arrived at PC, my worries were all gone. There are so many kind people, especially all of the teachers. The teachers helped me adjust well at PC. I love this school so much."


South Korea, Class of 2026

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"At Phoenix Christian, we are all here for each other. We help each other no matter what. As an International student, I was able to learn quickly how everyone supports each other. Noticing that made making friends a lot easier."


Croatia, Class of 2023

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"I am happy to live this incredible experience for 10 months. Since I’m here, I met some really nice people with who I can share our different cultures."


France, Class of 2023

Intl Students Placement

The Process is Simple

Through our partnership with FACTS, we are pleased to offer online applications for all international and exchange students. If you have any questions during this process, please contact our International Department at .


Complete the online application for the appropriate grade level and submit the $380 non-refundable application fee.


Send all required supplemental documents.


Successfully interview with International Director via Zoom or Teams.


Once accepted, we will send an official acceptance letter, assign the student a host family, and issue the student an I-20 immigration document.

Does Phoenix Christian issue the I-20?

Yes, Phoenix Christian Preparatory School is authorized under federal law to enroll non-immigrant, alien students. We issue the I-20 to accepted students.

What English test are required?

We accept the iTEP, SLATE, TOEFL, TOEFL Jr., ELTiS, the IELTS, and other tests. See the Admissions page for score requirements.

What about ESL classes?

We offer our international students a Foundational English class that allows them to make great progress in English as a Second Language. This instruction is included at no additional charge.

How much is tuition?

Tuition rates are $26,153 for High School and $22,786 for Middle School. For more info please contact us using the form at the bottom of the page.


Housing is $12,500/school year and includes a private room, all meals, transportation to and from school, and airport pickup. We do offer scholarships depending on grades, number of years the student has been at PC, and the student’s involvement at PC.


Tuition and Host Fees are subject to change at any time​.

If I am accepted, when should I arrive in the US?

International and exchange students should arrive one week prior to the actual start of classes at Phoenix Christian.

When does school start at Phoenix Christian?

Our school year lasts from August to May. Fall semester starts at the beginning of August and finishes mid-December. Spring semester starts at the beginning of January and finishes at the end of May. International and exchange students may begin in either August or January, although August is preferred.

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Where do international and exchange students live during the academic year?

Phoenix Christian has a strong, established Host Family program. Host families pick students up at the airport and provide room, all meals, transportation, laundry, and much more.


Some international and exchange students choose to live with family friends or relatives in the Phoenix area, which we also welcome and support.

What are Phoenix Christian host families like?

All of our host families have been thoroughly interviewed, provided references, and passed a background check.


People of all ages and from all walks of life serve successfully as host families: grandparents, families with younger children, single- parent families, and traditional two-parent families. Many of our host families have students who also attend Phoenix Christian.


There is no “typical” host family, but all of our host families have one thing in common: they are Christians who love Jesus.

Where do host families live?

They live either in the suburbs or in urban homes. Some have a swimming pool, pets, or sports areas. Several of our families live within walking distance of Phoenix Christian, while others live in areas where you can take a bus or commute to school.

How will my host family treat me?

Your host family will accept as an honorary family member. They will support you as you transition and help you experience American culture. Your host family will encourage you to join in family activities, and they will expect you to share the privileges and responsibilities of being a family member. This includes doing a few simple chores around the house and following their family rules.

What kind of conversations will I have with my host family?

Your host family will want to learn about your home country, and they will want to help you understand life in the United States and in Arizona. They will be eager to answer your questions and explain things to you when you don’t understand.

How will my host family take care of me?

Your host family will:


-Make sure you have transportation to and from school each day, including extracurricular activities.
-Provide you with your own bedroom and place to study.
-Provide you with all meals.
-Take you to church with them.
-Provide you with exposure to the cultural and social environment of their home and neighborhood.
-Provide the love, understanding and encouragement a young person needs to enjoy a successful stay in America.

How should I treat my host family?

International and exchange students are encouraged to adjust and respect the host family’s way and culture. The host family will support your culture, and we ask that you support their culture as well.

Where is Phoenix Christian located?

Our school is located in the heart of Phoenix, the capital city of Arizona and the fifth-largest city in the United States.

What is Phoenix known for?

The greater metropolitan area of Phoenix is made up of many smaller cities, and each one has unique foods, events, and sights to experience. You can hike through desert mountain trails, shop in large fashion malls, ride roller coasters and water slides, visit local universities, and so much more.

What do Phoenix Christian students and families do for fun?

Some students and families like to take road trips into northern Arizona to enjoy cool weather and see impressive rock formations. Others like to play sports and games together, or shop for clothes and see a movie at a local mall, or go to concerts in the city.

Will I be able to make friends at Phoenix Christian?

Yes! Our local students love to befriend international and exchange students. We have international and exchange students playing on our athletics teams, participating in our award-winning STEM program, and performing at our musical concerts. You will also meet many other international and exchange students just like you.


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Host an International Student

"We are the Leary family, and we’ve been hosting international students for the past 14 years. During that time, 12 students from five countries have called our house “home”. Each experience is unique; every student is special! Our students are treated as sons and daughters, brothers and sisters. They become part of our family and also members of the Phoenix Christian community. Our students are loved, challenged, and encouraged to grow—academically, emotionally, socially and spiritually." Interested in Hosting an International student? Apply Below!

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