Robotics Team travels to Ohio


A group of students from a Robotics Class at Phoenix Christian will travel to Ohio for an upcoming battle-bot competition. Two teams from PC are designing, creating, collaborating, and testing their combat robots in preparation for the match.

At this national competition, combat bots go head-to-head in a small arena; the goal is to destroy the opposing robot. The students feel confident in their designs. When asked why the students believe their robot would dominate in the arena, they spoke to the speed and strength of their bots and unique rotating drum that can flip their opponent upside down in the ring.

The STEM students at Phoenix Christian love to build, learn new things, and discover inventive ways to fix problems. Their innovative teacher, Mr. Milgrim gives students the freedom to dream, create, make mistakes, and collaborate to fix problems. At any moment, you can walk into the STEM workspace and see students drilling, cutting, sawing, computer programming, flying drones and more!

These gifted students plan to pursue careers in electrical and automotive careers. There is no doubt these young men and women will be prepared to launch their futures!

To continue providing opportunities for hands-on learning, this group needs more tools for each individual team to use, and additional materials like motors, controllers, ECUs, and electrical supplies! If you are interested in supporting STEM education, visit

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