Catching a Glimpse of God’s Kingdom on Earth as it is in Heaven

You’re invited to tune in to a show that will lift your spirits. Join us at The Beacon, a radio show where we celebrate when God uses the unexpected to do the unexplainable, featuring intimate conversations with people just like you.

The Beacon radio show is presented by Phoenix Christan and hosted by PC Alumnus Steve Woods on Sundays at 9am on 960 The Patriot-KKNT AM.

November 24, 2019

Hosted by Steve Woods

In this episode we explore the idea that God’s handiwork is best experienced and celebrated in a community that includes the diverse bouquet that reflects His creation. Dr. Jeff McGee is the Founder and CEO of Cross Culture Dynamics. He is passionate about promoting the success of others in the areas of Cultural Competency, Health and Wellness, and Leadership Development. He and his organization have worked in many sectors including non-profit, government, business, and churches. His passion and humble approach to ushering in the Kingdom of Heaven while still here on earth will refresh, encourage and challenge you.


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