Why We Give

We give to PC because of their unwavering commitment to Christian education and loving the community around them.  PC provides an enriching environment for its students to grow academically, spiritually, and socially. We desire to support its growth and continued excellence now and in the future.  

Alumni and Current Parents – Chip & Kay Allison ‘02 

We give to PC because our young parents need help to fight the ever-rising onslaught of unbiblical philosophies that are being taught to our children. We give because PC equips children to become responsible adults, future leaders, Christian warriors, & lovers of Jesus Christ. Individuals who will understand where their hope comes from.

Alumni Parents and Current Grandparents, Dennis & Roxana Rogers

I give to Phoenix Christian because of its rich history and bright future.  Phoenix Christian had a profound impact on me, prepared me for my future, and strengthened my God-centered foundation and through prayer and giving it is my hope that current and future students have the same experience.  

Alumni Jonathan Wilfong ‘01 

We support Phoenix Christian because it’s a light in a dark world.  It’s a place where we’ve witnessed our daughter receive a great education while also being taught the Word of God in truth and example, and we want to be able to see Phoenix Christian continue its mission. 

Parents, Lance and Aubrie Carter 

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