Empowerment Scholarship Account

What is Empowerment Scholarship Account (ESA)?

The Universal ESA law provides access to approximately $7,000 per student (or up to $28,000 depending on learning or developmental disability) from the ESA Program to all K-12 students in Arizona.  The program provides all families the freedom to choose and the opportunity to afford the school of their choice. 

What is the timetable to apply for ESA monies?

ESA applications are currently being accepted for the 2022-2023 school year and complete applications will be processed within 30 days of submission. Funds are deposited quarterly to your “class wallet.” For more detailed information on the ESA Process, please see the Parent Handbook.

Click here to begin your application.

Can I apply Tax Credit Scholarships and ESA funding to cover the full cost of tuition?

Parents can choose to use either ESA funds or Tax Credit Scholarships to help pay tuition at Phoenix Christian Preparatory School but may not use them simultaneously. The ESA funds will not fully cover the cost of tuition. Families will work closely with the business office to determine a payment plan. Students who are fully funded through Corporate or Individual tax credits should continue using the funding vehicle.



Are there other scholarships available?

We have a 15% scholarship for the following groups:


  • PC Alumni
  • Active Military
  • Clergy/Pastor
  • First Responder (Medical, Fire & Police)
  • Christian School Matriculation (Student promoting from a Christian school that does not have a high school.)


Is it too late to start the process for this school year?

No! But don’t delay, space is limited. Open Enrollment is now open. Please click here to learn more about Phoenix Christian’s application process.

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