Kathryn Scott

STEM Faculty
Subjects: Algebra 1, Geometry

Joined the PC family in 2022.

Why Phoenix Christian?
I am a Phoenix Christian graduate and have always appreciated the unique education I received from this school. After teaching in the public sector for the past six years, I want to experience teaching at an institution where I could share my beliefs with others without repercussions. As soon as I came back on campus for a visit, I felt at home walking through the quad. I knew that this is where I am supposed to be.

BS in Mathematics, with minors in Education and Middle Eastern Studies
St. Olaf College
MA Educational Policy

Peace Corps from 2016-2018 teaching math methodologies to future elementary teachers in Mozambique, East Africa
Academy of Math & Science: Camelback, 6th-grade math
Marcos de Niza, Algebra 1 & Geometry

Favorite Things to Do
When I am not in the classroom and the weather is nice, I LOVE to hike and camp and will often be found in Payson’s woods. Being outside in God’s creation is one of my all-time favorite things to do. When I’m not feeling as physically ambitious or the weather is not as nice, I will be very occupied some of my many hobbies: reading fantasy/sci-fi novels, sewing baby blankets, making plush toys for my nieces, tending to my garden, playing with my dogs, or binge-watching TV.

Favorite Teacher
Mr. Blake was my favorite teacher by far. He pushed us to be the best learners could be. In his class, I would be fascinated with the relevant stories he would put together for his lesson plans. It helped me appreciate history and politics so much more than I ever had before because everything was put into the current day’s context. Mr. Blake encouraged us to form our own opinions and taught us how to justify those opinions. It was obvious the second we stepped into his classroom that he deeply cared for us and for the content he taught. His was one of the first classes that I felt challenged in and I wanted to keep learning more because of him. I think when all was said and done by the end of my high school career, I took 5 of Mr. Blake’s classes.

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