John Howlett

Elementary PE
Department: Elementary PE

Year started at PC: 2023
Subjects you teach: PE and Middle school football

Degrees: Biblical studies degree from GCU

Relevant Work Experience: Coaching youth sports camps and have worked in the maintenance department for two Christian schools

Why Phoenix Christian?
After taking a tour of the campus and meeting some of the staff, I can see that impacting these kid’s lives for Christ is at the heart of the people here. That’s something I want to be apart of.

What is something you do for fun when you’re not teaching?
⁃ When I’m not teaching I like to cook, hike, and workout, but I love road-trips and traveling.

A Hot dog fun fact – “Is a hot dog a sandwich, why or why not?”
⁃ I think a hot dog is a sandwich because a sandwich to me is any toppings, usually centered around a meat, held together by a bread. I believe the hot dog follows those guidelines.

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