Semester 1 Exams


1. Semester exams are an important part of the learning process for the college-bound student. It approximates the type of study, which will be required of them in college. More importantly, it allows students to review the significant parts of courses to enhance their overall understanding of the subject matter. Therefore, exams will be given to all students in courses where exams are required.

2. Final Exam Grades count for 20% of a student’s semester grade.

3. Students should take exams seriously as they help determine the grades placed on their permanent school records. Exams reflect learning covering the second semester of coursework for all students.

4. Students must remain in the classroom for the entire exam time and are encouraged to take books and study materials to study should they finish their exam early.

5. Classrooms are off-limits during exams for all students except for those taking their exams.

6. Students not having exams on a given day or during one of the exam periods (e.g. TA/OA) need not be at school. Students who have no way home after the first exam or want to come to school prior to their exam time may remain on campus but must report to and remain in the Cafeteria for the purpose of study. STUDENTS MAY NOT LEAVE CAMPUS BETWEEN EXAMS.

7. Students missing an exam due to illness will be required to make arrangements to take the exam(s) as soon as he/she is able. Students missing exams for unexcused reasons will receive a failing grade and will not be permitted to take the exam for credit.

8. Students cheating on an exam will receive a failing grade for the exam and will not be given an opportunity to retake the exam.

9. Students who have outstanding tuition or fines, have detentions that have not been served, or who are out of dress code will not be permitted to take exams.

10. Students will not be allowed to take exams earlier or later than scheduled times. Exams need to be taken at their assigned times. Exceptions must be requested through the Principal’s office at least 2 weeks in advance. Exceptions will be granted only at the discretion of the teacher and the principal. Requests for exceptions do not mean that the exception will be granted.

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