Lisa Blake

Head of Counseling
Joined the PC family of employees in 2002

Subjects: Counseling & Psychology

Why Phoenix Christian?
“I attended Phoenix Christian (Light & Life) from preschool through sixth grade and then moved to Phoenix Christian Middle/High School, graduating in 1994. Phoenix Christian is home, family, ministry and my children’s school. Each day, I am touched to connect with and love on students of all ethnicities, socio-economic backgrounds, religious beliefs, and nationalities. God is the Creator of all children, and I feel passionately called to ‘do life’ alongside PC students to help them see their identity in Christ.”

Who was your favorite teacher and why?
“I had many, but one in particular was Kay Slocum (Miner)—she taught English at Phoenix Christian. She was super strict, but once you spent some time in her classroom, you knew without a doubt that she cared deeply for you. She also LOVED literature and helped me fall in love with books like The Scarlet Letter and Hind’s Feet on High Places.”

M.A. Education & Educational Counseling
University of Phoenix | Phoenix, AZ
B.A. Psychology
Greenville University | Greenville, IL