Lunch Programs


Phoenix Christian provides hot lunch options for students Preschool - 12th grade.

For Middle School / High School Lunch menu, please login to Renweb and click on Student Information on the left, then click on Lunch. You can select a time frame of Month to see the lunch menu for the whole month.

Please use Renweb for Lunch Ordering - Step-by-Step Guide

District Code: PH-AZ

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Daily Additional Menu Items Available to 6th-12th Grade.

Breakfast Lunch
$   .50 Milk $4.00 Special of the day (includes milk or juice)
$   .75 Fruit $4.00 Chicken Caesar Salad
$1.00 Juice $3.00 Wraps
$1 Assorted Muffins $3.00 Burrito
$3.00 Cougars Choice (special) $2.00 Soup (seasonal)
$2.00 Bagel (cream cheese or peanut butter) $2.25 Hamburger
$2.00 Cereal/Oatmeal(includes milk) $2.50 Cheeseburger
$3 Granola Yogurt Cup $4.00 Pizza on Friday (includes drink)
Snacks & Stuff Drinks
$  .25 Ranch Dressing $    .50 Milk
$1.00 ea. or 2 for $1.75  PB & J $    .50 Fruit Drink
$1.00 Cookies $1.00 Bottled Water
$1.00 Cheese Sticks $1.00 Juice
$1.00 Chips $1.00 Sports Drink
$2 French Fries                       
$1.50 Protein/Energy Bar  
Baked Goods $1.00  
Cinnamon Rolls