Propel Campaign



Celebrate Legacy. Progress Proudly.


This is an exciting new season for Phoenix Christian. Today, led by a God-directed vision and through His grace alone, PC is growing to serve His community more fully. With your help and generosity, we will PROPEL the future for generations to come. 

PC is expanding our Early Education program into the adjacent property at Indian School and 16th Avenue to serve our community more fully. Early Education is a critical need for families today and a strong indicator of school success in later years. Our new Early Education center will grow to serve families with children ages 3 years through 2nd grade. 

PC will revitalize and renovate our current campus on Indian School road. Necessary updates and renovations are needed throughout the campus including; a new fire system, gym floor and seating, performance area, renovated classrooms and technology improvements.

In recent years, PC has experienced financial difficulties. Yet, during this storm, God continues to bless us by directing hearts to joyfully give even during PC’s most difficult times. In addition, God has provided excellent leadership through our Board and President/CEO, effective cost cutting measures and efficient staffing reorganization.

Today, we are confident that God will continue to bless PC through YOU, our generous and loving PC family, as we pursue God’s directed vision for PC and to further achieve growth and financial stability.

The PROPEL Campaign is a $7 Million capital campaign led by the Phoenix Christian Board of Directors. The campaign will fund over-arching critical needs for PC’s success today and in the future. Funds donated to the PROPEL Campaign will not be used for annual operations of the school, but rather will be used to fund land acquisition, capital improvements, and to create endowment funds for much needed areas. PC has established the following strategic endowment funds. These funds will remain in deposit until needed for the purpose as determined by the strategic fund:

Land Acquisition and Campus Renovations    

$3.1 million

Financial Stability Fund 

$2 million

Athletic Fund 


Early Education Fund 


Technology Fund  


Teachers Fund 


Academic Enhancement Fund 


Leadership Discretionary Fund 


Campaign Total



Celebrate Legacy 

Phoenix Christian has a proud history of educating and raising Godly leaders in the greater Phoenix area for more than 60 years. We remain committed to this honored tradition of educating with excellence in all that we do at Phoenix Christian. With your help and generosity, PC will PROPEL future generations as we continue our ministry of educating the minds, forming the hearts, equipping the hands and building the Kingdom of God through Christian Education at Phoenix Christian.

Phoenix Christian alumni are leaders in their fields and located throughout the world.

Nearly 5000 PC alumni reside in more than 45 states throughout the US.

International PC alumni families are currently located in more than 14 countries throughout the world.

Progress Proudly 

Today, Phoenix Christian is a vibrant community of learners ranging from our youngest cougars in preschool to our seniors in high school. Phoenix Christian is a family of caring, loving and Godly students who are excelling in academics, athletics, community service and the Arts. We are proud of PC today – our campus, our diversity and our legacy. As our students mature and grow more fully to reflect Christ’s love, we are blessed to equip them with knowledge, experiences and applications as they realize God’s calling in their lives.  

PC today is a Pre- Kindergarten through 12th grade comprehensive program.

PC is a diverse community with more than 66% of our students having an international or ethnic heritage. PC students come from all over the world including China, Vietnam, Korea, Hong Kong, Mexico and Germany. 

97% of our 2015 graduates started their post-secondary education this fall.

2015 graduates collectively earned more than one million dollars in scholarship awards.

The average 2015 PC graduate began college with 9-12 college credits and more than half graduated as National Honors Society members.

Before graduating, the class of 2015 volunteered more than 4400 hours of service in the Phoenix community.

2015 student quote: “We are very diverse. We are so many different cultures combining as one culture in our school”


We are a PROUD cougar nation!