Does Phoenix Christian issue the I-20?

Yes! Phoenix Christian Preparatory School is authorized under federal law to enroll non-immigrant alien students. So, yes we do issue the I-20 to accepted students.

We accept students 6th through 12th grade.

How do I apply?

Click here to download the International Student Application.  Please complete the application and mail, fax or scan it to us.

Can I fax in the application?

Yes! The application may be sent by fax as long as it is followed by an original copy of the Financial Support form and transcripts.

What English tests are required?

We accept the iTEP SLATE, TOEFL, TOEFL Jr, ELTiS, the IELTS and other tests. See page 1 of the application for score requirements.

What about housing?

Although some students live with family friends or relatives, P.C. has a wonderful, established Host Family program. Host families pick students up at the airport and provide room, all meals, transportation, laundry and much more. Our loving host families are very appreciated.

Can I come in spring?

Yes! Our school year is from August through May. Fall semester goes from the beginning of August until approximately December 22. Spring semester goes from the beginning of January until approximately May 24. Students may either begin in August or January, although August is preferred.

What about ESL classes?

We offer our international students a Foundational English class that allows them to make great progress in English as a Second Language. This instruction is included at no additional charge.

How much is tuition?

Tuition for high school is $22,325/school year
Middle School (6th - 8th grades) tuition is $19,450/school year.

Housing is $9,800/school year and includes a private room, all meals, transportation to and from school and airport pickup.

Whom do I contact for help?

Please feel free to contact Jaya Birdwell with any questions. She will help you each step of the way. You can reach her at  or by phone at 602-265-4707 ext. 266.

Other Important Information

Host Families

People of all ages and from all walks of life serve as Phoenix Christian host families.
Grandparents, families with younger children, single-parent families and
traditional two-parent families have all hosted successfully. Our host families
have one thing in common, they are Christians who love Jesus. All of our host
families have been thoroughly interviewed, provided references and passed a 
background check.

There is no "typical" host family. Some live in big homes in our suburbs and some
live in smaller urban homes, some have swimming pools and big yards some don’t,
some have pets and some don’t. You could be within walking distance of Phoenix
Christian or you may need to take a bus or commute to school daily.

Your host family will expect you to join in family activities. They will expect you to
share the privileges and responsibilities of being a family member, as if you
were a natural son or daughter. This includes doing a few simple chores
around the house and following their family rules.

Your host family will want to learn about your country and will want to help
you understand life in America and in Arizona.  They will be eager to answer your
questions and explain things to you when you don't understand. Above all, they
want to open their hearts and share their homes with you, their new "son" or "daughter."

Host families are responsible for:

Providing you with a home for the academic year.

Making sure you have transportation to and from school each day, including extracurricular activities

Welcoming you as a member of the family and encouraging you to participate in all aspects of family life.

Providing you with your own bedroom and place to study.

Providing you with all meals

Encouraging the exchange of ideas and providing you with exposure to the cultural and social environment of the home and neighborhood

Taking you to church with them

Providing the love, understanding and encouragement a young person needs to enjoy a successful stay in America

Most importantly-You are expected to adjust to the family's way and
culture; the family is not required to change to your ways and culture