Home School


Attention Home School Families!


We have a place for you at Phoenix Christian!

Phoenix Christian Middle School and High School are now enrolling home school students in courses such as:

Symphonic Band, Anatomy/Physiology, Choir, Math, Computer Technology, Foreign Language, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Bible and many more!


Following are the established guidelines:

1. The student must satisfy the standard admission requirements of Phoenix Christian Preparatory School.

2. Space must be available in the course(s) requested.

3. The student must be enrolled in a Bible course. Acceptable Bible courses are:

       PCPS Bible classes, or

       Equivalent Bible course verified through the PCPS Guidance Office.

4. While enrolled, the student will be subject to all the rules and regulations associated with attendance and

     discipline of PCPS.

5. Grades will be reported to the student’s parents and/or home-school organization.

6. Tuition includes textbooks and will be assessed as follows:

      One time deposit of $150.00 to be applied to tuition

      High School: Tuition of $650.00 per semester course

      Middle School Core Class: Tuition of $550.00 per semester course

      Middle School Elective: Tuition of $400 per semester course

7. Tuition tax credits cannot be used to pay tuition.

8. Families interested in participating in sports must follow protocol per the Athletic Department.


Home-School Credit:

Home-school courses verified by a transcript from an NCA or ACSI accredited institution will be transferred as letter grades. Home-school courses verified by a transcript from a non-accredited educational organization will be given Pass/Fail credit.

If a transcript is not available, the student can try to “test out” of some courses; if the student is successful, the Pass/Fail credit will be given. Due to the necessity for lab facilities, lab science credit must be earned at an accredited institution with verification by an official transcript. A student must be enrolled at Phoenix Christian Preparatory School for two (2) semesters before any Pass/Fail credits will be placed on his/her transcript.

Home-school students transferring to PCPS with transcripts from an accredited institution may graduate from PCPS if they successfully complete the spring semester of their senior year as a full-time student at PCPS and meet the Arizona state requirements for graduation. Type of diploma will be awarded based on PCPS’ graduation requirements.