Extra Curricular


At Phoenix Christian Preparatory School our students have many opportunities to become connected in our dynamic campus life!

Through organizations such as Student Council, Chapel Student Leadership Team (CSaLT), National Honor Society, and Love out Loud (LOL), Choir, Chorale, Band, and other  organizations—there is opportunity to become in involved outside the classroom.

We want to listen to our students!  In that spirit, we also provide small group environments/clubs for students to connect with others with similar interests.  We desire to foster an environment in which students can openly share their interests, ideas, concerns, and needs.  Our student small groups/ clubs meet during periodic extended lunch periods.

Phoenix Christian Preparatory School offers far more than just classes!

For a current listing of clubs and organizations please contact the Principal’s Office at jblake@phoenixchristian.org or (602) 265-4707 ext. 245.