Phoenix Christian Elementary strives to provide a comprehensive educational experience for all its students.  We believe that this includes learning inside and outside of the classroom.  Extracurricular opportunities allow students to pursue programs that enhance their education.

Some of our programs include:

Art (Contact: Linsday Romero)

Basketball (Contact: Michelle Canidate)

Book Club (Contact: Rita Hervey)

Flag Football (Contact: Michelle Canidate)

Martial Arts (Contact: Dave Goron)

Sign and Worship (Contact: Sharon Leary)

Small Paws Cheerleading (Contact: Brooke Holterman)

Tennis (Contact: Jeffrey Smallwood)

Wrestling (Contact: Josh Perez)

All programs subject to change.

Extracurricular programs are often developed due to the passion and interest of our students, faculty, and/or families. If you are interested in proposing a new extracurricular program, please contact Lauren Scharnweber