Position on Benchmarks and Standards

Phoenix Christian Preparatory School has chosen to adopt the Arizona’s College and Career Ready Standards, as the minimum baseline standards for mathematics and English language arts.  We will also use the latest revision of the Arizona State Standards for social studies and the Next Generation Science Standards for our science courses. We are in the process of evaluating other standards for art, music, and physical education, because we believe that they help to assist us in our commitment to offer the finest Christian education possible. Phoenix Christian Preparatory has also chosen to adopt the curricular expectations of the College Board of our Advanced Placement courses as well as the expectations of Grand Canyon University and Arizona Christian University in our respective dual enrollment courses. As a Christian school, we consider the standards proposed by the State, but will always remain steadfast to our commitment to the teachings of the scripture and our understanding of God’s work in the universe.  As such, while we may adopt a set of standards, we also reject any particular standards that are in conflict with our mission as a Christian school.

Phoenix Christian Preparatory School also raises the bar on many of our courses by adopting benchmarks set by the College Board for our Advanced Placement courses as well as benchmarks set by regional colleges and universities for our dual enrollment courses.  It is our goal to attach meaningful and challenging standards to every course possible, even though we are not required to do so.   


It is the policy of Phoenix Christian Preparatory School to evaluate standards and benchmarks for all of the courses offered and to select those standards that hold us accountable in our mission as a Christian school.  Each standard that we apply must have clear and measurable educational value and serve to assist us in preparing each student for the abundant life through an encounter with God's truth.