The graduates of PC are part of a social group of people who share a common past. Since the doors of Phoenix Christian were first opened close to sixty years ago, approximately 4000 students have graduated from our school. Even though the career paths of graduates are vast and diverse, we are all linked by the heritage of being students at Phoenix Christian. We all carry with us the influence and impact Phoenix Christian made on our lives. We are shaped by dedicated teachers and administrators who instilled in us values and love for God.

Whether this web page finds you working construction here in Phoenix, preaching the gospel in the jungles of Africa, or anywhere in between, we hope it allows you to reunite with many former friends who were once such a major part of your life. We hope that this Alumni page will be a forum for you and other Phoenix Christian grads to rekindle friendships by sharing how God has been working in your lives.

We hope you will check back often and let us know your whereabouts, accomplishments, celebrations, etc. Your time at Phoenix Christian was important to us because we believe God placed you here with a very specific purpose in mind.

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