Admission Criteria


A. Academic Criteria

  1. Satisfactory attendance for the previous school year. (All grades)
  2. Satisfactory behavior record for the previous school year. (All grades)
  3. A 2.0 grade point average on a 4.0 scale during the last year of school; standardized test scores may be considered. (2nd - 12th)
  4. No failing grades on the student's most recent school transcripts. * (All grades)

B. Attitudinal Criteria

  1. Demonstrate a strong desire to attend and become part of Phoenix Christian Preparatory School. (All grades)
  2. Satisfactorily interview with Phoenix Christian Preparatory School Administrator. (All grades)
  3. Demonstrate an understanding and commitment to following Phoenix Christian's policies and procedures. (All grades)
  4. Understand that all classes will be taught from a Biblical worldview perspective.

* A one time failing grade may not exclude a student from admission, but circumstances will be evaluated during admission process to determine if admission can proceed.