Vision - Mission - Student Outcomes - Core Values


To our school community,

For many of us “Preparatory” connotes a strictly college-preparatory, highly competitive academic institution that is very selective in its admissions.  While Phoenix Christian remains an institution of academic rigor and high expectations, and while we still are selective regarding our admissions criteria, we want to intentionally broaden the scope of the word “preparatory” in the mind of our students, parents, faculty - indeed the entire school community.

"Preparatory" in its broadest sense means to prepare, introduce, or get ready. Phoenix Christian's intent is to prepare, introduce, or get ready  each of our students for what's next. "What's next" for a first grader is different than for a senior. What's next for a gifted athlete is probably different than for a gifted musician. What's next for a student who has a faith in Christ is different for a young person who has not yet begun his faith journey. Additionally, academics is only one facet of any individual. We are social, physical, spiritual, intellectual, and emotional beings. Our desire is to meet the needs of each student where he or she is, see growth, and prepare him or her for the next step -- wherever or whatever that might be.

We also want to emphasize that we are not a collection of schools, but one ”school”, Preschool through 12th grade.  We are of one mind and one vision.




How will this play out?  Let’s begin with our Vision:

Educating the minds, forming the hearts, and equipping the hands of students in a Christ-centered atmosphere.

Each word in this vision statement is carefully selected to convey our goal for each of our students.  Phoenix Christian is a place of preparation, not just academically, but for the total person.  

This vision leads us to ask, “How will we go about preparing our students?”  Again we have prayerfully sifted through many ideas and believe our new Mission speaks directly to this:

Phoenix Christian Preparatory School will partner with each student and family to advance a personal encounter with God and his truth through Christian education anchored in the traditional, historic, biblical worldview.  Our academic, artistic, athletic, and social experiences are offered within the context of the abundant Christian life to prepare each student to become a Christ-centered, critically thinking individual of integrity who applies biblical values and principles to every area of life.

This statement further clarifies who we are, why we exist, and how we plan to prepare our students for the abundant life.  It gives us a road map for decision making, setting priorities, measuring success, and needed improvement.

We pledge to employ the vision and mission  as  tools for guiding our thoughts and activities as a school and school community.  We will communicate our vision and mission to our school community often and in every possible context.  They will guide us in student and employee selection, discipline, relationships, curriculum, instruction, extra-curricular activities, spiritual formation, marketing, and every other facet of Phoenix Christian.

Finally, we have identified four domains of student growth that we call Anticipated Student Outcomes.  These outcomes describe in further detail what our goals will be for our students when they graduate.  Of course these are “anticipated”, not guaranteed.  Phoenix Christian is but one factor in the lives of our students.  Following are those outcomes:

Personal Character, Values, and Spiritual Formation

• Phoenix Christian students will understand and commit to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, actively participate in a local  church, and know, understand, and apply God's truth in their lives.

• Phoenix Christian students will personally communicate their faith locally and/or around the world.

• Phoenix Christian students will understand the value of healthy, moral, and biblical family living.


Biblical Worldview Grounding

• Phoenix Christian students will understand that the entire world, including all academic content, and each of their experiences can only be thoroughly understood and fully appreciated through the lens of God's Word. As biblical thinkers, they will be able to critically evaluate  competing world views.

• Phoenix Christian students will understand that there is design, dignity, and honor in God's highest creation, the individual and eternal human soul, created in his image.


Skills For Life and Living

• Phoenix Christian students will develop and exercise their unique talents and spiritual gifts under the leadership of the Holy Spirit to better themselves, their home, their local church, and society, and so that their life plans may be fully explored and realized.

• Phoenix Christian students will understand and experience healthy physical, mental, social, and spiritual living.                              


Academic Ideas and Thinking

• Phoenix Christian students will be well prepared in all academic disciplines, reading, writing, speaking, listening, and thinking, and appreciation of beauty as observed in nature and human creativity.

• Phoenix Christian students will become life-long learners who know how to utilize resources to find, analyze, and evaluate information.

These are lofty goals, yet we trust in a big God who desires to build into our students the abundant life through an encounter with his truth.

The final statements that help define Phoenix Christian are our Core Values. Our Core Values clarify who we are, articulate what we stand for, guide us in making decisions, and help explain why we do business the way we do. These Values are relevant to every person connected with Phoenix Christian including our board, administration, employees, volunteers, parents, and students. We have chosen our Core Values directly from scripture. Galatians 5:22-23 will guide us in these areas:

• Love -- We will, unconditionally and sacrificially, be the hands and feet of Jesus.

• Joy -- We will, independent of circumstances, express the triumph we have in Christ.

• Peace -- We will demonstrate tranquility and confidence in God's protection and direction.

• Long Suffering -- We will be steadfast, holding strong to scripture and our Vision and Mission in the face of any challenge.

• Kindness -- We will conduct ourselves with consideration, sympathy, and a desire to serve  one another.

• Goodness  -- We will be morally and ethically excellent and above reproach.

• Faithfulness -- We will be unwavering in our submission to Christ.

• Gentleness -- We will exemplify a modest humility, submitting one to another.

• Self Control -- We will demonstrate mastery over our emotional and physical impulses.