Mission - Core Values - Vision


Rich History, Bright Future

Our historic institution is in the midst of a grand effort to re-strengthen our foundation, in order that we may best serve our students, friends, alumni, and our community and ensure a bright future for decades to come.

Our Mission

Educating the minds, forming the hearts, and equipping the hands of students in a Christ-centered atmosphere.

Core Values

Pillar 1: 
Lamp set upon the word of God: All knowledge, truth, and wisdom flow from the Scriptures.
Flame of the Spirit: The Spirit, sent to us by God the Father, is alive and active today.
Pillar 2:
Evangelism at home and abroad: It is a sacred responsibility to share and spread the gospel message worldwide.
Pillar 3:
Cross and Crown intertwined: By the cross of Christ we receive the righteousness of God.
Pillar 4:
Love for our neighbors: Grace, kindness, and consideration are due for everyone. We are to love our neighbors sacrificially.


Founded in 1949:
God ordained the establishment of our current facilities in the heart of central Phoenix.

Our Vision

To be a vibrant, Christ-centered school in our community, prioritizing resources to continually pursue new horizons in educating minds, forming hearts, and equipping hands of students.