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Phoenix Christian Preparatory School Board Members

We here at Phoenix Christian are privileged to introduce our new board of directors. These are experienced, seasoned men and women who have a long history with our school and who are excited to serve the Phoenix Christian community. You can expect them to govern Phoenix Christian with wisdom, integrity, and transparency. Please pray for our board as they chart the course for our school in the coming weeks and months.

Monty Ortman -- Chairman
Monty graduated from Phoenix Christian in 1967 and served on the board for 12 years (‘90s thru early 2000s). Monty’s wife Anne graduated from Phoenix Christian in 1969. Anne was a Jr. High teacher at Phoenix Christian in the ‘90s. Stephanie, Monty’s daughter, graduated from Phoenix Christian in 1995. Mark, Monty’s son, graduated from Phoenix Christian in 1999 and married a Phoenix Christian alum. Mark served on the board in the mid 2000s for three years. Monty’s father, Dallas Ortman, served on the board in the ‘70s.  Monty’s cousins and several nieces and nephews are Phoenix Christian graduates. Two sisters graduated from Phoenix Christian, and one served as a teacher at Phoenix Christian.
Claude (Bud) Allison
Bud served on the Phoenix Christian board for approximately seven years, as well as board service at Paradise Valley Christian School. Bud has three kids who graduated from Phoenix Christian, and married other Phoenix Christian alums.

Daryl Layne
Daryl served on the board for 14 years --two years as Vice Chairman and one year as Chairman. Daryl graduated in 1973. His oldest sister began attending Phoenix Christian in 1955. Seven of Daryl’s siblings are alumni. Daryl’s wife Denise and her two sisters are graduates.  Their three children graduated from Phoenix Christian after starting in preschool at Light & Life. His daughter-in-law and son-in-law are also graduates.

David Van Hofwegen
The Vanhofwegen family history with Phoenix Christian dates back to the 1970s. David’s five kids graduated from Phoenix Christian, and three of them are married to other Phoenix Christian graduates. David has served previously on the board of Phoenix Christian. He also served as a board member for Trinity Christian College. David’s father, Robert Vanhofwegen, served as a Phoenix Christian board member for many years. David’s brothers and sisters all attended Phoenix Christian

Steve Woods
Steve's parents both attended Phoenix Christian in the early 1960s. His dad graduated from Phoenix Christian in 1962. Steve and his wife Teresa graduate from Phoenix Christian in 1983. All three of their girls have attended Phoenix Christian. Their oldest daughter, Brittany, graduated in 2006. Ashley (class of 2016) and Samantha (class of 2018) received their education through Phoenix Christian as well. He previously served on the board for three years from 2000-2003. The Woods hosted Young life for Phoenix Christian students in their home for nearly 15 years and have come to know and love many amazing students along the way. Steve and Teresa's granddaughter, Faith, is looking forward to joining the Phoenix Christian class of 2032 and grandson, Hudson, would be among the graduating Cougars in 2034.

Gena Sluga
Gena is a proud parent of Allison (PC Class of 2017 graduate) and Megan (PC Class of 2014 graduate), and she is married to PC Athletic Director Shane Sluga.  Gena had the privilege of previously serving on the PC Board for two and a half years and is honored to have the privilege of serving again.  She is a local attorney who practices with the law firm Christian, Dichter & Sluga.


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